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Cataleya (Castelan II - Vroni x Contender, stamm 3401), bred by DetlHennings – the most expensive riding horse sold. Ph: Janne Bugtrup

GERMANY (by Adriana van Tilburg) This year, for the first time, the Holsteiner Verband included a group of 10 green, unbroken three-year-old horses in their Spring Auction. The Verband’s vice president, Timm Peters, was very happy with the results.

He said: “You notice that the market for young horses is becoming stronger. It was a good idea of the auction team to also add green three year olds. This is also good for the breeders.”

The 10 youngsters who were convincing during the free jumping had an average price of €17,900 ($19,365), although the top bid was re- served for Clifford (Clinton I-OnlyYou V x CorradoI, stamm 730B), bred by Bernd Fritsch. This stallion was sold for €35,000 ($37,865) and will start a long journey to China. The price of €30,000 ($32,455) was paid for Toronja (Tornesch - My Way x Cascavelle, stamm 2666) the half sister of Holiday (Solitour), who will stay in Germany.