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From February 15-19, Sentower Park's colours will be Zangersheide blue, when the Studfarm organizes its stallion approval, combined with the presentation of the Z stallions.

And there is more, much more. Zangersheide takes the opportunity, in cooperation with Sentower Park, to organise a total event around the stallion approval, integrated into an international CSI-4*. This will, of course, explicitly focus on stallion classes from the age of six to the Zangersheide Sires of the World and will include a stallion auction. "A big indoor event was still missing from our offer," explains Judy Ann Melchior. "Sport and breeding is in our DNA. We organize the Z-Tour and the World Championship for young horses, so the desire for an indoor event remained strong. We also want to serve the breeders in winter and from that grew the idea of organizing an international indoor event, which we made concrete in February thanks to Sentower Park. It was starting to get too small at home and I particularly missed an event where we can give more charisma to our stallion approval. On the eve of the breeding season, stallions deserve more attention and we are now giving them that by integrating the inspection into an international CSI-4*. Stallions can show their best side during the approval and in the sport. This will be combined with an. It is our experience that an auction is more popular at an international competition. Hence the overall concept where stallions are given a prominent place among the international classes."

Website: http://www.sentower.zangersheide.com/en/home