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The WBFSH/World Breeding News platform

About the importance of the WBFSH-BN Platform (extract of Jan Pedersen letter to the studbook members dated December 2020)

“Announced two years ago, launched at the beginning 2019, from a quiet beginning, this WBFSH-BN Platform has capably grown to more than 15 studbooks for whom globalization is a key factor in their ability to communicate and market their events and activities to the rest of the world. More importantly, it provides an exceptional podium from which to applaud the success of their horses and to share it not only to their own studbook breeders, to more than a 150 000 breeders gathered by the WBFSH.

The Platform also represents a valuable tool for our world-class industry. In essence, the Platform projects an unparalleled sense of community that is recognized by both the supporters and sponsors of the sport horse breeding industry”.

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How does the WBFSH-BN Platform work?

Editorially, each participating studbook is invited every month to submit information, articles, profiles, or features of international interest relating to activities, events, success stories – and even opinions – to be published in World Breeding News (  

Commercially, the Platform packages (see attached file), calculated according to each studbook’s size (mailing list), offer one year (12 issues) of full pages, banners, and videos.

Every month participating studbooks receives a link which allows the forwarding by email of each issue, which is complimentary for its contacts (breeders, members, supporters, sponsors, etc…). This strengthens its communication and the reputation of its studbooks members on a global scale, attracting readers from every corner of the world as well as the whole WBFSH community.

Bonus – 25th anniversary

A bonus feature that has been routinely offered to Directory advertisers (studbooks, studfarms, stallion owners, commercial enterprises, etc…) is an 'Advanced Database Option': i.e. the opportunity to enhance individual stallion entries by providing photos, videos, and pedigrees, as well as updating information throughout the year that’s considered valuable to mare owners. 

As from January 2021, this opportunity has been available to all studbooks subscribing to the WBFSH-BN Platform – as well as their members – with submitted information being managed on their behalf. Information can be sent to

Therefore, your studbook’s stallions and those of your members/owners/agents may be added to the Stallion Directory Database throughout the year.

Guidelines : 

1) Stallions must be ‘living’ at the time the information is provided

2) Photos must be provided in jpeg format

3) Videos should be posted on either Youtube or Vimeo, and the URL provided so we can create a hyperlink

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Participating Studbooks

The following studbooks are members of the WBFSH/Breeding News Platform

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