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The Oldenburg Elite Foal Auction – bid now!

Filoquenta (Secret) (Ph: OLD Art)

Extravagant, sporty and chic - this is how the Oldenburg Elite foals of the 29th Online Elite Foal Auction present themselves. From today, May 10 at 12.00 noon (CET), you have the chance to bid on your favourite. The final bid-up will start on Saturday, May 13 from 7.00 p.m. Do you have any questions about your chosen one? Then do not hesitate to contact our auction team at any time.

If you have not yet registered in the auction area of the Oldenburg homepage, please do so in time before the auction starts. Please test your log in data to make sure, everything works as planned. If you have any technical problems, please contact the Oldenburg support team by phone +49(0)173-7573538 or e-mail support@oldenburger-pferde.com.

You have further the possibility to bid on your favourite from the elite foal collection conveniently over the phone. Please contact the staff of the Oldenburg auction office. Our team will fulfil your wishes as usual.

You can find an overview of the entire collection here:


Consultation and customer service:

Auction and managing director Oldenburger Pferde-Vermarktungs GmbH:
Roland Metz: +49(0)171-4364651 or metz.roland@oldenburger-pferde.com

Dressage horses:
Thomas Rhinow: +49(0)172-9748487 or rhinow.thomas@oldenburger-pferde.com
Daniel Pophanken: +49(0)175-2930926 or pophanken.daniel@oldenburger-pferde.com

Jumping horses:
Philip Bölle: +49(0)171-1893792 or boelle.philip@oldenburger-pferde.com
Benjamin Stratmann: +49(0)151-54408395 or stratmann.benjamin@oldenburger-pferde.com

Elisabeth Gerberding: +49(0)4441-935512 or gerberding.elisabeth@oldenburger-pferde.com
Heike Arends: +49(0)4441-935531 or arends.heike@oldenburger-pferde.com