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The eve of the KWPN Stallion Show: February 2-5


For four days, breeding enthusiasts and fans of KWPN horses will enjoy the best the studbook has to offer.  as a horse and breeding enthusiast get to enjoy the best the KWPN breeding has to offer from February 2-5.

Jumper stallions
The first two days, Wednesday and Thursday, are central to jumper beginning on February 2 at 10:00. Eight groups will be inspected and, later, appointed stallions will be shown in hand, plus second-round viewing. The program continues with a presentation of jumper stallions approved in 2021, a masterclass about eventing by Tim Lips, an appearance of the newly declared predicate stallions, the award ceremony of the KWPN Horse of the Year jumping, a presentation of the jumper stallions that will be auctioned in the KWPN Select Sale and the thrilling final of the Blom Stallion Competition Jumping.

Dressage and Gelder stallions
The final two days, Friday and Saturday, revolve around dressage, harness and Gelder stallions. Friday February 4, the second-round viewing of dressage stallions starts at 09.00 with seven groups, followed by Gelder stallions. The evening program consists of a presentation of the dressage stallions that are offered for sale in the KWPN Select Sale, a presentation of the finallists of the Stallion Competition Gelder horse, a presentation of the 2021-approved dressage stallions and Gelder stallions, an appearance of newly awarded predicate stallions, The Road to Grand Prix, and the award ceremony of the KWPN Horse of the Year dressage.

Harness stallions
On Saturday, the second-round viewing of dressage stallions proceeds at 08.00, followed by an in-hand presentation and the return of dressage stallions receiving a premium. Saturday also sees the second-round viewing of harness stallions, beginning with a presentation of the 2021-approved stallions, the second-round viewing, and the premium round.

Stallion dressage competition
Subsequently, the program resumes with dressage stallions. The ridden finals of the Anemone Horse Trucks Stallion Competition Dressage. Plus a presentation of non-finallists and stallions born in the 'K' year.

Studio program
The programming includes a considerable number of studio segments that will be broadcast live, including several guests:  Rob Ehrens, Marc Houtzager and Joop van Uytert, to whom the public can post questions via: redactie@kwpn.nl.

For the foreign viewers of the livestream, we provide an explanation in English for the participating stallions and several studio segments are subtitled in English. Despite your physical absence, the KWPN Stallion Selection 2022 promises to be an interesting, valuable, and fun week.

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