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homas Zellweger (owner) Elisabeth Weber-Joss (representing the Assocation of Swiss Sport Horses), unknown girl, Thomas Schneider (breeder), Mauz Zellweger (owner), Tiggy Lenherr/Darko of De Niro, Peter Matzinger (President of the Assocation of Swiss Sport Horses), Tiggy’s husband Jürg Lenherr and their son Jamie, Sascha Dubach from Pferdewoche

SWITZERLAND (by Sonja Grob) Bred by Thomas Schneider, Darko of De Niro ZS (De Niro - Diana XXVI x Gagneur) was recently honoured by the Association of Swiss Sport Horses (VSS) during the CSI Basel as the winner of the Swiss Horse of the Year 2016 title from among five nominated horses.

All five nominated horses have recorded great sport results during this past year, but Darko of De Niro and his dressage rider, Charlotte ‘Tiggy’ Lenherr, received the most votes (58%). Sec- ond was Leonard de la Ferme CH (Landjuwel St. Hubert - Marina da la Ferme x Indigene de Cor- day) who posted some great showjumping results with Swiss international Pius Schwizer. Leonard was bred by Fritz Messerli.

Accordig to Lenherr, “This horse is exceptional” – something many people say about their horses, but there is much more to this story. As she explained, although she is used to riding many horses, the majority are sold and she has, therefore, missed the opportunity to really connect with them. When Darko of De Niro arrived at the Lenherr family’s stables in Pfyn 18 months ago, Tiggy wasn’t sure if she should ride him if it would only be for a short time, but from the first moment she climbed into his saddle, she knew he would be her favourite of all time. “It’s been a great time for learning” is how she ex6plains the way they have grown up to know each other...