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SWANA: ‘Ride & Breed Swedish 2020’ in Wellington

Imothep (Indoctro - Serena H x Calvados) with proud owner Vicky Castegren of Hyperion Stud

By Hillevi Brasch
Photography: Sara Hellner

The Swedish Warmblood Association (SWB) in Flyinge Sweden is represented in North America by SWANA (Swedish Warmblood Association of North America), a non-profit organization dedicated to breeding and promoting Swedish Warmblood horses in North America. The breeding rules and standards of SWANA are consistent with those of the Swedish Warmblood Association (SWB).

The very first inspection tour of SWB horses in the US took place in 1981. Anne Gribbons, a well-known and respected international dressage judge originally from Sweden, had at that time imported several SWB horses to the USA and was instrumental in making the tour happen. Years followed where the SWB horse grew in popularity and the studbook was involved in the work to establish a US-based chapter. Such prestigious names as Kyra Kyrklund, Eric Lette, and Ingvar Fredricson were all involved in the efforts of establishing a springboard for SWB horses and breeders in North America. SWANA was founded in 1993 and has since then catered to the breeder and rider of the SWB horse whether it is born in the US/Canada or Sweden. In 1994 a meeting was held in Florida where the foundation was laid for the future of SWANA.

Wellington 2020

What could be more fitting than to organize an event in Wellington 25 years later with the Swedish in focus, whether it is horses, riders, or business? Just last year, the first ‘Ride Swedish’ event was held at Hyperion Stud thanks to its owner Vicky Castegren. It was well received, so this year SWANA decided to bring a little of the breeding aspect into the mix of top international riders and competition in Wellington. Hence ‘Ride & Breed Swedish 2020’.

Adriano 9079 (SWB), bred by Christina Olsson, ridden by his owner and SWANA President Katarina Antens-Miller

Vicky Castegren was once again our generous host. Hyperion is a global breeding and sales operation based in Virginia and dedicated to providing the showjumping market with top bloodlines globally. Hyperion has horses in Germany, Holland, Sweden, as well as the US. This year standing four stallions that were presented in hand at the event, the king of course being Imothep (KWPN) by Indoctro x Calvados – an Olympic, WEG, and Nations’ Cup competitor, now recently retired. Other stallions shown in hand were Chin Quidam VDL (Chin Chin x Quidam de Revel), Asterix E Z (Air Jordan Z x Nimmerdoor), and Cool Jazz (Colman x Cascavelle). All these stallions are approved with various registries.
Lövsta Stuteri of Sweden has been represented in Wellington for the Winter Equestrian Festival season for many years. This year bringing two top breeding – and show stallions owned by Lövsta: Bon Coeur 1389 (Benetton Dream x Sandro Hit); and Van Vivaldi 1286 (Vivaldi x Olivi). Lövsta’s star rider Tinne Vilhelmson-Silvén, a seven-time Olympian, and her colleagues – Caroline Darcourt, rider of Bon Coeur, and Florian Darcourt, manager of the Lövsta stallion program – were on site to talk about the brand new Lövsta Future Challenge tour now in Wellington. This tour is modeled after the Swedish version and is a developing tour for young dressage horses. The tour will host eight national qualifiers that will award winners every week and conclude during the AGDF week 12 with a final. The aim is to give the horses the opportunity to gain valuable routine and experience. This concept has proven to be extremely successful in Sweden in both dressage and jumping and including U25 riders. However, the tour in Wellington is for dressage horses up to 11 years of age this first year. Perhaps expanding for years to come?
SWANA’s president Katarina Antens-Miller based in New Jersey brought her approved SWB stallion Adriano 9079 (Don Primero x Magini x Krocket), bred by Christina Olsson. He is a competition horse first and foremost and is in Wellington for the show season.

Asterix E Z (Air Jordan Z - Joyce x Nimmerdoor) with owner Vicky Castegren

Several businesses were present showcasing their business, anywhere from flying horses (Dutta Corp), sporting (Stephex USA), feeding (Krafft equine feed), living (illustrated Properties), to remote training and coaching (Ridesum)... To read the complete article you need to be a subscriber