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SBS approves 33 new stallions out of 69 candidates

In the arena on Saturday

On March 5/6, 64 stallion candidates presented themselves at their best in the arena of the Provincial Breeding and Horse Riding school of Gesves, from which 33 convinced the SBS judges who were especially cautious in terms of genetics and health, as well as morphology and athleticism.

Although it was necessary to adhere to the closed-door conditions imposed by hygiene restrictions in force until today, March 7, the program allowed the best possible atmosphere in terms of operation and presentation, and limited access allowed breeders and owners to get together in an amicable environment.

Yesterday, Sunday, when the judges' decisions were announced, 33 new stallions had been approved for breeding by the SBS Studbook: 29 in jumping, three in dressage, plus one driving pony.

  • 12 three-year-old stallions
  • 17 four-year-old stallions
  • 2 five-year-old stallions
  • 1 seven-year-old stallion
  • 1 10-year-old stallions

For the complete results, click here: https://www.sbsnet.be/en/liste/new-approved-stallions-2022