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Salon des Etalons de sport de Bordeaux: Past and future

Usandro Tilia Derlenn (Sandro Boy - Queen Sympatico Tilia x Welcom Sympatico) bred by SCEA Der Lenn

By Xavier Libbrecht
Photography: Artiste Associé

The Salon des Etalons de sport de Bordeaux has just completed its fourth edition. We spoke to Henry Brugier, a former breeder and stallion owner with the affix d’Adriers [i.e. Apache d’Adriers (Double Espoir SF x Felix XX)], who conceived the idea and brought the concept to the organizers of the jumping de Bordeaux.

“I was the first to organize a stallion fair in Poitiers in 2001 named Equi-genetics, and I ran it until 2015. At the time we always presented between 60 and 80 stallions at this regional show.
“I then met Sabine Zaegel, the director of the Jumping de Bordeaux (CSI World Cup five-star qualifier) in Fontainebleau during La Grande Semaine de Fontainebleau 2016 (SHF). Bordeaux wanted to include a breeding event in its program; it was a good thing, I stopped Poitiers then.”

Q Overall, what has been the result of this fourthh Bordeaux edition?
Positive. All the exhibitors said they were satisfied. For us this is the sign that the Salon des Etalons de Bordeaux corresponds to a real need and that the breeders respond by being present.

Q The participation of the stallions?
All the leaders were present (Groupe France Elevage, Haras des Coudrettes, Béligneux le Haras, Brullemail, France Etalons, Genetics Anglo, etc.) but also foreign stallions owners (Stephex, VDL via the Haras de Gravelotte, Paul Shockemöhle via GFE, etc.) and of course local stallions (Haras du Fleuve, Haras des Capitelles, Haras de Lafont, Haras des Isles, Haras du Réal...).

Q What about the quality of the stallions?
What characterizes the Salon des Etalons de Bordeaux is the variety that we present, so that one can look at jumping, dressage, eventing, and even pony stallions. It is also compatible with the CSI-W where more than 15 stallions registered in one studbook or another of the WBFSH are competing; we can mention among others, Excalibur de la Tour Vidal (2010/sBs: Ugano Sitte - Thelma La Tour Vidal x Ogano Sitte, ridden by Penelope Leprevost), Comme il Faut (2005/Westf: Cornet Obolensky - Ratina Z x Ramiro Z, with Marcus Ehning).

(Lef) Rider Olivier Perreau and Frédéric Neyrat (right)

All together, the stallions presented in Bordeaux are diverse, from young stallions – Eryo Declyange (2014/AA: Orient du Py - Kashaya Declyange x Belo des Vernieres, bred by Marie-Claire Terrasson); Ozzy van de Bysschop (2014/BWP: Diamant de Semilly - Celsa vd Dreef x Utrillo Z, bred by Stal den Bisschop); Espri du Figuier (2014/AA: Upsilon x Pomone du Figuier x Ryon d’Anzex, bred by Thierry Fruchet), competing stallions – Soliman de Hus (2005/Hann: Sandro Hit - Danea x Donnerhall), Propriano de l'Ebat (2003/SF: Clown du Chesnay - Astuce du Thelle x Mistigri xx), and finally seniors, such as Orient Express (2002/SF: Quick Star - Kamtchatka x Le Tot de Semilly), Argento (2002/AES: Arko III - Flora May x Gasper), Putch des Isles (2003/SF: Diamant de Semilly - Fantasia des Isles x Le Prince du Turin), Popstar Lozonais*GFE (2003/SF: Quick Star - Buguette Platiere x Muguet du Manoir)....

Q Quality and public interest?
The Salon des Etalons de Bordeaux attracts breeders from the very large southwest region (New Aquitaine, Occitania, etc.) but also from the Centre of France, Provence, the Pays de Loire, Vendée… And even Norman breeders who take this opportunity to observe the stallions present on the World Cup circuit. The breeders of the Salon des Etalons de Bordeaux have now adopted the habit of coming to make their purchases, their projections, and not just out of curiosity... To read the complete article you need to be a subscriber