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RIP Frits de Jong

Frits de Jong alongside his daughter, Setke (Ph: Johanna Faber)

Well known Friesian horsesman and true promoter of the breed, Frits de Jong from Tjerkgaast has passed away at the age of 77.

Dairy farmer Frits de Jong loved beautiful horses, especially those with sport genetics, and started as a stallion keeper with Friesian stallions Franke 251 and Reitse 272, to be followed by Ouke 313, Obe 314, Olof 315, Fetse 349 and Nanno 372.

As a young boy he rode Friesian horses and later practiced driving them, including in marathons, winning many championships with Friesians in harness, including his approved stallions.

Frits de Jong and his wife Renske devoted themselves to training and promoting the Fryske Quadrille for many years and, at the time, de Jong said it felt like an enrichment to be part of this extraordinary group of people who all shared the same passion for the Friesian horse. The quadrille performed in the Netherlands and abroad at a variety of events, and during the 2020 stallion inspection de Jong received a knighthood of the Royal Order of Oranje Nassau for his services to the Friesian breed.

Only recently, on October 20, Frits de Jong handed his chairmanship of the Fryske Quadrille to his daughter, Setske de Jong, who shares her parents’ love for the Friesian horse and their dedication to continuing the Friesian culture.

Driving two-in-hand through the woods as long as possible, Frits de Jong enjoyed life, and leaves behind his wife Renske, and children  Tjalling, Johannes, Setske, and Afke, who will keep the family passion for Friesian horses alive.