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Polish Championships for Young Horses 2021

Dolfus m AA (Fusion du Defey xo) bred by SK Prudnik, owned and ridden by Artur Społowicz – the best six-year-old eventing horse

By Marek Holda / PZHK
Photography: Kartarzyna Wiszowaty

For three years running the Polish Championships for Young Horses in the Olympic disciplines have been held at the same time and in one place, i.e. ‘Stragona’ club in Morawa near Strzegom. This year it was time for a new place: the premises of Łąck Stallion Depot, the former multiple host of the Polish Championships for Young Horses in showjumping.

This year participation was certainly better than in 2020, with a total of 224 horses competing first in Strzegom and then in Łack.
During the championships, horses with PZHK passports and horses registered with other breeding associations competed in each age-group category. However, facing the extensive material from this event, this article has been limited to describing the Polish-bred champion horses.

Dressage for horses with PZHK passports

The best four-year-old horse was definitely black Romeo von Fürstenball sp (Fürstenball [Oldbg] - Rozalinda Wood sp x Bretton Woods [KWPN]) bred by Piotr Wiese and ridden by the owner, Aleksandra Szulc. Gifted with a good type and good gaits, the stallion presented himself as a very well- prepared, energetic, and diligent horse satisfied with his work. The judges high-rated his performance on the aids, regularity, and particularly the work of his back and elevation.

Romeo von Fürstenball PZHK (sp), bredby Piotr Wiese, owned by Aleksandra Szulc – the best dressage four-year-old

Second place went to the chestnut stallion High Dance sp (F’orestano [Westf] - Haike oet Daol’n [KWPN] x Aron HBC [KWPN]) bred by Agnieszka Szymanek, owned by Krzysztof Szmidt, ridden by Wiktor Wojtarowicz. The third one in that age group, was an attractive isabella stallion Zeus sp (Delorean 2 [Hann] - Zoja sp x Limal sp), bred by Aleksandra Bressa, owned by Jan Kocieba and presented in the arena by Karolina Mazurek.
Among the five-year-olds with Polish passports, the first three places were taken by the progeny of the Oldenburg stallion Kaiser Karl. Last year's winner in the four-year-old category, ridden by Martyna Banska, the gray Balloutelli Prince-J (Kaiser Karl [Oldbg] - Burma sp x Tic Tac wlkp) bred by Marcin Jankowicz, owned by Małgorzata Choma, had no equal in this year’s group. The obedient horse, trotting energetically, demonstrating good self-carriage in canter, could have been more relaxed in his shoulder, but was the best in every round, definitely standing out among his peers... To read the complete article you need to be a subscriber