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Oldenburg (OL and OS) premieres mating program


By Jean Llewellyn / press release
Photography: LL-Foto

The world’s first mating program for modern riding horse breeding has been launched online by the Oldenburg studbooks. All Oldenburg horse breeders will now be able to use their OL and OS accounts to secure their breeding decisions for their broodmares.

With the help of this programme, breeders can consider size, type, walk to determine in which direction the characteristics go? Identify the stallions with whom these goals are most likely to be achieved. The mating program analyzes on the basis of inheritance profiles in terms of which stallions meet your requirements for a foal out of a particular mare.
The innovative and unique Oldenburg mating program helps breeders to progress a successful future with scientific knowledge that is always at hand, and based on the linear description.
For many years, the linear descriptions and the inheritance profiles have helped Oldenburg breeders to choose the right stallions for their mares. On this basis of data from approximately 30,000 linear profiles, the Oldenburg Horse Breeding Association is now taking a further decisive step towards digitalisation and modernisation with its mating program.
By October 18, 2021, all users of the OL and OS accounts were offered the opportunity to test the mating program. With our ‘test mare’ and a reduced number of features, users could familiarise themselves with the functions at their leisure, with the stallion data already fully available.
Whether it’s from an armchair, in the stable, or on the road, Oldenburg breeders will have the opportunity to verify their ideas for mating planning against scientific findings 24/7.
This mating program is only open to Oldenburg account holders. In order to become a member: https://oldenburgerpferde.com/upload/files /Aufnahmeantrag_OL_und_OS_englisch.pdf
Members of the Oldenburg Horse Breeding Association who have not yet activated their OL or OS account can ow do so online using their membership number. Email account@ oldenburger-pferde.com to receive an individual link to directly open your OL and OS account.
Here you can access your personal OL account or OS account using: https://oldenburger-pferde.net/front_ content.phpidart=5030&changelang=2