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Naqueen tops NRPS stallion test


Naqueen(Trafalgar - Aqueeni x Samba Hit I x Broere Norway, breeder/owner Jurgen van der Meijden from Zuilichem, NL) topped the recent NRPS stallion test by a huge margin, scoring no fewer than 97 points. Five times he was awarded maximum tens for trot, rideability, work willingness, obedience, and talent, added to his 9.5 and 9.0.

This elegant stallion is a phenomenal mover, combined with physical talent as well as a fantastic attitude under the saddle of Kim Noordijk (21) from Galder, who educated and presented the young stallion herself. "Naqueen has a character like gold," she said proudly. "From his first moment under saddle he showed this wonderful technique in his movements with this natural quality. Like a machine. He doesn’t need any encouragement to go, he just goes."

On both his top and bottom line Naqueen is related to Haoverian State Premium mare Poesie (Brentano II x Gotland), born in 1992, who produced approved stallions Samba Hit I, Samba Hit II, Samba Hit III, and Samba Hit IV.