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Latest auction results to September 21 2018


The latest results from the following auctions are now available at by clicking on Auctions or to go directly click here

2018-09-13 - Flanders Foals auction Opglabeek  (BEL)
2018-09-07- Foals auction Dronten (NED)
2018-09-14 - Foals auction Dwingeloo (NED)
2018-09-08- Foals auction Maren Kessel (NED)
2018-09-05- Foals auction Midden Nederlands Lunteren (NED)
2018-09-11-12 - Foals auction Prinsjedag (NED)
2018-09-08- Holsteiner september Foals auction Elmshorn (GER)
2018-09-14-15 - Zangersheide Quality Foals auction Lanaken (BEL)
2018-08-27-09-01- Fences Elite auction Bois le Roi (FRA)
2018-09-02- Fences Service auction Bois le Roi (FRA)
2018-09-04- Hippochamp foals auction Bruxelles  (BEL)
2018-09-07- Horseman Elite auction  Azelhof (BEL)
2018-09-03 - Online Foal auction 111 (BEL)
2018-09-01-Supreme foals sale Goresbridge(IRL)
2018-09-01-08- Westfalen-DSP foals Auction Future champion Gut Ising (GER)
2018-09-01- Westfalen-DSP foals Auction Paderborn Challenge (GER)