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KWPN Online Foal Auctions: Everything in one package


By Charlotte Dekker / KWPN

Events are cancelled, physical auctions transform into online auctions. The horse world is going through major changes. The KWPN Online Foal Auctions have been a known digital concept in the equestrian world for years now. Not only can you buy a good quality and interestingly bred KWPN foal, KWPN also offers the opportunity to completely unburden you as a buyer. We can arrange transportation, rearing, and insurance, so that means a custom package deal for you!

Most foals and embryos sold through the KWPN online auctions face their future abroad. Buyers from all over the world have invested in KWPN foals by means of the KWPN Online Foal Auctions, and international horse transportation from Holland offers a lot of chances and opportunities.
As from the end of April, it is possible to ship horses abroad from different locations in Holland. A positive development with respect to the upcoming online foal auctions. Pascale Drijfhout, working for the transport company Horses2Fly, has a positive attitude; “Fortunately, trade is no longer at a standstill. Certification for destinations in Europe and America is possible once again. Also, flying to other countries is in a start-up phase. We notice that plenty of young horses as well as ridden horses are being transported again. That is a good sign for horse trade in general.”
When you buy a foal through the KWPN Online Foal Auctions, Horses2Fly offers plenty of transportation options, but they can also arrange rearing for you which means that, as a buyer, you have absolutely nothing to worry about.

Stabilization in prices

The online auctions are popping up everywhere in this coronavirus time. In the first quarter of 2020, almost 800 horses were sold online. An increase of 36% compared to last year in the same period. A lot of foals and embryos have passed the €20,000 mark. For example, 80 of the 161 embryos were sold for an average price of €15,000, while 44 were sold for over €20,000. The results of the first KWPN Online Broodmare and Embryo Auction held in early February are in line with the aforementioned numbers.
For example, an embryo by Le Formidable out of the dam of KWPN stallion Vivaldi sold for €38,000, while an embryo of For Pleasure out of a mare by Kannan who had already produced two 1m60 horses went to Australia for €14,500. The genetic level of the foals as well as the embryos offered in the first quarter, was very high, but the market does not seem saturated, and prices appear to have stabilized.
That is easy to understand, since buyers are able to compare prices between the different auctions and allocate a fair price to an embryo or foal... To read the complete article you need to be a subscriber