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José María Deza: Taking stock of over 30 years in breeding

José María Deza, owner of Stud Valle de Olid, with one of the foals born in 2023

By José Luis FC
Photography: José Luis FC

Located rurally almost mid way between Madrid and the Bay of Biscay, José María Deza founded Yeguada Valle de Olid in 1992. Having always been passionate about horses, and after more than three decades breeding sport horses, he takes stock of all these years.

It was a passion that led him to study veterinary medicine, and then to start breeding sport horses, activities that he continues to pursue with the enthusiasm of his first day. He was, in fact, a pioneer in Spain in the creation of a catalog of stallions, and in his early years imported such luminaries as Gervantus I (Grannus - Gentana II x Vollkorn xx”), Remondo (Renaldo - First Lady x Fruehlingstraum II), Centauer Z (Capitol - Wirane x Lord), and more recently Huppydam des Horts (Quidam de Revel - Dorypso des Horts x Double Espoir). All these sires have had a great influence in the world of Warmblood breeding in Spain.
The Yeguada Valle de Olid facilities have an area of 62 hectares, with all the necessary elements for breeding and preparing horses for competition. Currently there are around 110 horses, including broodmares, young horses or those in competition, both from the stud farm and from owners. Thus, like a veterinary clinic in which all reproduction techniques are practiced, they are located in Cubillas de Santa Marta, north of Valladolid, a quiet town in Castilla y León where there are several wine cellars.
Many horses that have been born at Yeguada Valle de Olid over the years, including competition stand-outs such as Tiffany de Olid (Huppydam des Horts - Coco de Mies x Centauer Z ), maternal sister of Corelli de Mies, Edwina Alexander Tops’ horse, and ridden by the Chilean rider Samuel Parot; Troya de Olid (Centauer Z - Colunga x Cassini I) with Egyptian Mouda Zeyada, who competed this year in the CSIO3* Bratislava Nations Cup; Amarylis de Olid (Huppydam des Horts - Shana’s Jumper x Stalypso), winner with Juan de Jove this season of the five-year-old final of the Andalusia Sunshine Tour; Simba de Olid (Huppydam des Horts - Nana de Olid x Centauer Z), who participated in the Nations Cup with Argentina’s Juan Ignacio Álvarez-Fermosel, and who this season competed in the European Junior Championship with Spain’s Miquel Canals.

Q What led you to start breeding sport horses and create Stud Valle de Olid?
Since I was little I had a great love for the world of horses and what I liked most was horse breeding, studying all the origins of the most important lines. Many years ago I collaborated with Revista Ecuestre doing reports on the most important stallions. My beginnings in breeding were with a mare that was not good and, therefore, things did not go well. It was a bad experience that had as a positive outcome as I realized that to parent you have to do it well. From that moment on I started looking for good mares, which is the basis for breeding good horses. I bought Blimea (Gepard - Anka x Almé), ridden by Luis Álvarez Cervera, and Óscar del Río. Then I acquired many old glories, mares that had stood out in the competition and had good origins... To read the complete article you need to be a subscriber