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Happy 40th Birthday to Danish Warmblood

At the Elite Foal Auction in 2018 Andreas Helgstrand purchased Netstutteriets Fazza for €121,000

By thomas Bach Jensen/DWB
Photography: Ridehesten.com

At the Danish Warmblood/Dansk Varmblod headquarters at Vilhelmsborg, Aarhus, the Danish studbook will celebrate their 40th birthday during the KRAFFT Elite Show. Founded in 1962, the Danish sport horse breeding association merged with other sport horse studbooks in 1979 to become the Danish Warmblood that we know today.

In sheer numbers, Danish Warmblood cannot compete with the main Dutch and German studbooks but the quality of the DWB dressage horses has often placed Danish Warmblood in the spotlight.
Earlier this year, the Danish Warmblood stallion licensing celebrated its 40th anniversary in Herning, and now it is time for the Danish studbook to celebrate its 40th birthday.

A special present to be revealed

Numerous breeders, riders, sponsors, owners and other friends and fans of Danish Warmblood visit the annual elite show that takes place in Vilhelmsborg every year at the end of August and, therefore, Danish Warmblood has taken this opportunity to celebrate their birthday.
A very special present in the shape of a bronze statue will be revealed during a birthday reception for members and friends of Danish Warmblood on the lawn in front of the main building. This present is being delivered by the studbook to its members.
The birthday and the celebration of Danish Warmblood’s breeders will be very visible throughout the show. The major show arena will be decorated with posters displaying all the ‘mares-of-the-year’ from 1979-2018.

The breeding part of the DWB Elite Show takes place in the show arena which also sets the frame for the Elite Foal Auction and the breeders’ party. Photo: Ridehesten.com

A multi event at Vilhelmsborg

The Elite Show not only represents the final for a selected group of the best newly graded young mares that will compete for breeder medals in bronze, silver and possibly gold, as well as the final for the best to-year-old fillies and foals selected at regional shows all over the country, but it is the annual breeders’ party headlined by the Elite Foal Auction. Last but not least, it is also a major national show in dressage and showjumping.
The two dressage arenas will showcase classes up to Grand Prix, young horse qualifiers for dressage horses aged four to seven, which includes breeding stallions and other top young horses, the Youngster Cup for six- to seven-year-old DWB dressage horses, and the Bundgaard Byg Cup small tour qualifier.
The two showjumping arenas also hold classes up to S level (1m50) and young horse qualifiers for showjumping horses aged four to six, which includes breeding stallions and other top young horses, and not least the Danish selection of five- to seven-year-olds for the World Breeding Champion-ships at Zangersheide in Belgium.
On top of this the show holds the Danish championships for master trainee riders in both dressage and showjumping..

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