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Hanoverian Days in Poland crowns ‘superchampion’

Superchampion filly Valencia, by Va Bene - Edi van Volker x Edward x Lauries Crusador xx, bred by ZG CSL

By Agata Grosicka
Photography: Aleksandra Walas

The sixth edition of the Polish Hanoverian Days took place on July 8, 2023, at the Kunowo Stud just outside the city of Poznan in the western part of Poland. Like in previous years, the event was organized by Marta Roszkiewicz-Heizer.

She was accompanied by the Hanoverian Vernamd inspectors including Axel Brockmann, director of the Celle Stallion Stud, the Hanoverian Stud Book inspector Bo Eitenmueller, Piotr Kuczynski, director of Hanoverian’s Polish chapter, who visited breeder in order to register foals. As the breeders are scattered all around the country, such visits to Poland have become a very useful tradition.
The event started with the mare performance test which saw six mares first presented in free movement (jumping), and then under saddle ridden both by their home rider as well as a test rider – Rafal Krajewski.

Showjumping mares:

1. Deja Vu (Diamant de Semily x Quintender), bred by Marta Roszkiewicz-Heizer and premium awarded.
2. Centurina (Central Park x Classe), bred by Elisabeth Mallerta and premium awarded.

Dressage mares:

Francesca S (Franziskus x Sir Hayfield), bred by Monika Siwon and premium awarded.
Monika Siwon, Francesca’s breeder, commented on her mare’s success and her participation in Kunowo Hanoverian Days: “My mare has a great calm head while her sire Franziskus FRH is well known for his hot temper, yet he is a horse of very modern dressage type, has fantastic movement and likes to work – so does my mare. Francesca S has been with me from the very beginning. I literally delivered her, so she is my first bred foal. She grew up to be a fantastic mare though as a filly she was not very promising, being pretty small. I’ve known from the very beginning that Francesca S will stay with us so that’s why I’ve decided to present her here in the mare performance test which turned out to be a right decision as she received the Hanoverian premium.

Dressage mare Francesca S (Franziskus x Sir Hayfield), bred by Monika Siwon and premium awarded

“It’s a great honor for me to participate in such event. I’ve been breeding Hannoverians for three years and Francesca S is my dream horse. I also admire Ingrid Klimke a lot and the way she works with horses. Franziskus is not an easy horse, yet she managed to make him like his work. Today Francesca S was for the second time outside our stables and she really surprised everybody with her calm head. I guess it all depends on the knowledge of the breeding and the right selection of a stallion for the mare. I’ve been a dressage enthusiast since my childhood and have always followed sport results as well as the stallion performances... To read the complete article you need to be a subscriber