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Final auction results of 2020 posted


The last of the results from 2020 auctions have now been added to the database:

Results from the following auctions:

2020-12-01 - PS Online young jumpers auction Ankum (GER)
2020-12-05 - Oldenbourg special edition auction (GER)
2020-12-15 - PS Online young jumpers auction Ankum (GER)
2020-12-15 - Zangersheide young horses online auction (BEL)
2020-12-14 - Grand prix sales embryos online auction (NED)
2020-16-16 - Trigon young horses auction (NED)
2020-12-21 - Westfalen Sport horses and young online auction (GER)
2020-12-14 - Westfalen dressage young horses and breeding online auction (GER)
2020-12-08 - DSP Young and Sport horses advent auction (GER)
2020-12-07 - Studutch embryos online auction (NED)
2020-12-05 - HSH online auction (NED)
2020-12-02 - Ekestrian christmas auction (FRA)
2020-12-08 - Equbreeding embryos online auction (BEL)
2020-12-13 - Holstein sport horses winter chance auction (GER)
2020-12-06 - Mount St John online auction (GBR)
2020-12-23 - Stud Hero total and unique auction (BEL)
2020-12-10 - Stephex embryos auction (BEL)
2020-12-28 - KWPN online stallion auction (NED)
2020-12-28 - ET auction jumping edition (BEL)
2020-12-29 - VSN online auction (NED)
2020-12-27 - ESHA Christmas elite special auction (NED)
2020-12-30 - Stud Hero total and unique auction part 2 (BEL)

With all the results now in Cornet Obolensky once again tops the list as the most prolific sire of auction sales with 164 offspring totalling 3,860,270 € in sales value. Runner up was Chacco-Blue with 133 salees to his name and a total sales value of 3,467,050 €

To see the full 2020 results go click on Auctions from the main menu or click here

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