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Eventing nominated entries for World Championship 2022

Lexikon 2 ridden by Harald Ambros (AUT)

By Jean Llewellyn
Photography: FEI/Law, FEI/Argenziano, FEI/Juilliart

With memories of the 1998 World Equestrian Games in Rome, and eventing taking place at Pratoni del Vivaro, the world once again returns to this bucolic location which will host the 2022 World Championship. The deadline for definitive entries is September 5, so the published list includes all nominated entries per country, in alphabetical order.

It’s worth mentioning that a total of 20 (10.8%) of the 184 nominated entries appear to be stallions, which is an increased percentage compared to previous Olympic Games, World and European Championships – and assuming that the various sources from which we publish gender information (FEI, a.o...) are correct! For ease-of-reference purposes we have published the stallion names in red, so do please let us know if any are known to have been gelded.
There have, of course, been various reasons stated as to why stallions are less popular in eventing than showjumping and dressage, as the latter two disciplines regularly see upwards of 20% in high-level competition. We have to wonder, therefore, whether; (a) evolving competition formats in eventing are prompting this increase; (b) more breeders are recognizing the benefits of eventing-specific bloodlines and the need to preserve ‘performance’ stallions; (c) that life after eventing offers the advantage of a second career for eventing stallions who have achieved high-level results; (d) riders are now more willing to consider stallions for eventing, given their inherent qualities for dressage and showjumping.
World Breeding News will have a correspondent reporting from Pratoni del Vivaro, so we will endeavour to answer these questions in our October issue.

B = Breeder / R = Rider / st = Stallion

Finduss PFB (2010/KWPN/g Saffier - Bella Miranda x Sarantos) R: Samantha Birch
Sky’s Da Limit (2007/xx/g Hurricane Sky xx - Our Cutey xx x Carry A Smile xx) R: Lauren Browne
Billy Bandit (2008/AES/g Billy Congo - Furisto Clover x Furisto) B: Donal Barnwell; R: Lissa Green
Vassily de Lassos (2009/SF/g Jaguar Mail - Illusion Perdue X x Jalienny X): B: Herome Berges, Sonia Eyraud, Jean-Louis Beth; R: Andrew Hoy
Sligo Candy Cane (2013/ISH/g Sligo Candy Boy - Castlemly Lass x Aldatus Z) R: William Levett
Bold Venture (2010/xx/g Devaraja xx - Royal Zam xx x Zamoff xx) B: D. Parton; R: Shenae Lowings
BF Valour (2010/AWHA/g Copabella Visage - Unrecorded) R: Sam Lyle
Scuderia 1918 Don Quidam (2008/KWPN/g Quidam - Nairoby x Amethist) B: J.M. Schurink; R: Kevin McNab
Willunga (2007/ISH/g Olympic Lux - Ringmoylan Beauty x Coevers Diamond Boy) R: Kevin McNab
Fifth Avenue (2008/AWHA/m Unrecorded Origins) R: Jessica Rae
Easy-Turn (2012/Holst/m Casall - Ressina x Coriano) B: Kirsten Roll; R: Shane Rose
Virgil (2005/AWHA/g Vivant - Unrecorded) R: Shane Rose
Willingapark Clifford (2005/xx/g Passing Shot xx - Twin Pearls xx x Double Income xx) R: Hazel Shannon
Diabolo (2012/Holst/g Diarado - Roulett M x Aljano) R: Gemma Tinney

Mountbatton 2 (2010/Hann/g Mount Etna xx - Weimara x Wolkenstein II) B: Hinrich Köhne; R: Harald Ambros
Lexikon 2 (2009/DSP/g Levistano - Playback K x Pablo) B: Klaus-Peter Krone; R: Harald Ambros
Oklahoma 2 (2010/Trak/m Sixtus - Osterfreude V x Donaumonarch) B: Harald Riedl; R: Katrin Khoddam-Hazrati
Pippa 2 (2010/Bavar/m Shamal xx - Pia x Corallo) R: Katrin Khoddam-Hazrati
Van Helsing P (2010/DSP/g Van Gogh - Carisma P x Carismo) R: Lea Siegl
DSP Fighting Line (2007/Bavar/g Ostermond xx - Pia x Laretto) B: Josef Fuchs; R: Lea Siegl
Cupido P (2009/DSP/g Cyrano - Samira x Sandor xx) B: Pfitzmann; R: Lea Siegl.. To read the complete article you need to be a subscriber


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