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Dressage gem, 4yo Zanetti

Auctioneer Hendrik Schulze Rückamp Photo: Hubert Fischer

GERMANY (press release/Sonja Grob) It was the four- year-old Zanetti (Zonik - Santana x San Amour), that was tested and had many eyes on him throughout the 10 days ahead of the South German sport horse auction held in the Olympic equestrian centre in Munich-Riem on May 27.

Bidding was, therefore, fierce for this black-brown gelding – a big-framed, athletic young dressage star. Coincidentally, Zanetti’s sire, Zonik (Blue Horse Zack - Romanik x Blue Horse Romanov) is the new Grand Prix star of Edward Gal (NED). Finally, the hammer came down in favour of Hendrik Schulz Ruckamp for €35,000 (US$31,900). Bred by Fritz Bethke, Zanetti was purchased for a dressage stable in Luxembourg.

All the other horses were sold for regular prices of the auction, which was imbed- ded in the international dressage und jumping tour- nament for the second time. The average was €15,675 (US$17,511). The Diamond-Hit son Da Vinci (Diamond Hit – Florence D x Rubinstein) changed hands for €20,000 (US$22,500) to a dressage rider. Filogra (Furst Piccolo – Eloyse M x Ehrentanz), who has up to now not made a public appearance followed in the dressage lot for €19,000 (US$21,300). The rough diamond was bred and owned by Volkar R. André in Hirschhorn...