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Correspondents’ cooperation provides Millennium postscript

Photo: Claartje van Andel

In the most recent January 2022 issue of World Breeding News, we published an excellent article about the black Trakehner stallion Millennium (Easy Game - Merle x Ravel), penned by our long-time correspondent Christopher Hector. However, thanks to the cooperation that exists between our many exceptional writers, Claartje van Andel has added a postscript to this story, which we are pleased to publish below:

"Millenium already has 63 approved sires. And it’s not only Oldenburg that has embraced Millennium descendants (Chris mentioned a few), as a few Dutch horsemen also looked for a good Millenium son to be approved by KWPN and, as a matter of fact, they found Lowlands (Millennium x Donnerball x Landadel, breeder Bernhard Schrapper) see https://www.reesinkhorses.nl/en/stallions/lowland .
As Chris already issued a warning about the walk, it should be mentioned that Lowlands received 9.5 for his walk during his stallion presentation test in 2019.
Lowlands was sold to Iron Spring Farms (in the United States) but is still being educated here in the Netherlands by Dinja van Liere.
I myself used Lowlands for breeding with my own mare Vinea in 2019 as I thought it would be very fitting. Last year a wonderful black colt was born. His name is Regisseur C.
Just for you, for fun, I’ve added a picture."

Find complete results from the Anemone Stallion competition Dressage in Kronenberg, Ermelo and Exloo here: https://www.kwpn.nl/Files/Files/Overige-PDF-bestanden/Tussenstand-Anemone-Horse-Trucks-Hengstencompetitie-Dressuur-2021-2022.pdf
(Lowlands became the runner up)

Find complete results from the Blom Stallion competition showjumping in Kronenberg, De Meern and Exloo here: https://www.kwpn.nl/Files/Files/Overige-PDF-bestanden/Tussenstand-Blom-Hengstencompetitie-Springen-2021-2022.pdf