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Cancellation of sBs stallion expertise 2021


To its deep regret, the SBS Studbook 'Le Cheval de Sport Belge' is obliged to announce the cancellation of its annual stallion licensing, better known under the name 'International Selection Show'. Having run uninterrupted since 1988, it was scheduled to be held this coming weekend of March 6/7 in Gesves.

All precautions had been put in place to respect the Covid rules but a severe outbreak of rhinopneumonia* is currently affecting the European equine herd and Belgium has not been spared, as numerous foci of this highly contagious disease have been identified by the relevant authorities.

The FEI has also suspended competitions in all disciplines in 10 European countries, including Belgium, until March 28, 2021, as this is likely the most serious EHV1 epidemic in Europe in decades and the organizers of equestrian events are taking their responsibilities very seriously, including the SBS studbook.

This health situation, added to the recent worsening of the human pandemic, does not offer any possibility of organizing such a gathering of equines coming from national and foreign horizons, hosted within the 'Provincial School of Breeding and Equitation de Gesves', which itself hosts many horses. Dates have, therefore, been made to organize a super-attractive expertise in Spring 2022.

In the meantime, all candidate stallions registered for the expertise will benefit from a temporary approval for public service for the 2021 season, which will allow them to practice their activity without reservation and without limit on the number of coverings during this period. It should be remembered that all these candidates have already obtained a favorable veterinary opinion from our University Faculties in recent months. More info on www.sbsnet.be

The SBS Studbook would like to warmly thank the Provincial Organizing Authority, and the management and faculty of the School of Gesves for their understanding, as well as the many stallion workers and volunteers involved in this event.

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* Equine rhinopneumonia is linked to a virus of the Herpes type (Equine Herpes Virus), the two most pathogenic strains of which are EHV1 and EHV4. The symptoms are of the respiratory type (flu syndrome, especially associated to EHV4 but also to EHV1) or of the abortive type (at the end of gestation, due to EHV1, rarely to EHV4), or of the neurological type (the rarest form, but the most serious and which can lead to the death of the animal, due to EHV1). A vaccination exists: first injection (from 6 months), first booster 4 to 6 weeks later, then one injection every 6 months.