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Canadian Warmblood revised stallion performance test trial

Champion SPT stallion 2022 My Pleasure (For Pleasure x Cumano)

By Chris Gould / CWHBA
Photography: Courtesy CWHBA

The Canadian Warmblood Horse Breeders Association (CWHBA) has recently introduced a groundbreaking stallion performance test format tailored to the specific requirements of various disciplines: hunters, jumpers, dressage, and three-day eventing.

This innovative approach represents a significant evolution in evaluating stallion potential, aiming to better match sires with the demands of each discipline while enhancing the breed’s overall quality and performance capabilities.
The 2024 SPT, to be held at Sun Meadows, Kamloops BC, marks the second iteration of this trial. The first test under this format was run in 2022 and was well received by both judges and owners.
Historically, stallion performance tests have provided a standardized method to evaluate a stallion’s suitability for breeding. These tests typically include assessments of conformation, temperament, and performance under saddle. In the more recent past many studbooks have designed separate tests for dressage and jumping. However, the CWHBA’s new approach takes it a step further by tailoring the evaluation to the specific demands of various equestrian disciplines. This ensures that the stallions are not only exceptional in general terms but also excel in their intended field. Stallion owners now have the option of nominating their stallion for testing according to discipline- specific criteria or continuing with a generalist evaluation.

Special hunter criteria

For hunters, the performance test emphasizes qualities such as style, technique, and consistency. The test includes a series of jumping exercises and evaluation of gaits suitable for the discipline. Judges assess the stallion’s ability to maintain a smooth, rhythmic pace and exhibit a correct, efficient jumping style. Emphasis is placed on the horse’s form over fences, with particular attention to the bascule. A successful hunter stallion must demonstrate calmness, adaptability, and an overall elegance that matches the discipline’s aesthetic requirements.

Approved stallion 2022 Hunter-nominated
TW Voltage (Centim x Metall)
Owner/breeder Janine Olson

Jumping elements

Jumpers, on the other hand, are evaluated on the elements of jumping technique, scope, and rideability over fences. Judges scrutinize form over fences, take-off and landing mechanics, as well as the stallion’s willingness to respond to rider aids and adjust stride length as needed. The stallion’s scope, is a critical factor. This part of the test aims to identify stallions that possess the athleticism and courage necessary to produce top-level show jumpers... To read the complete article you need to be a subscriber