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Breeders Trophy for Sweden’s young horses

Dragon Welt 1303 (Dancier - Weltmarja x Weltmeyer), winner of the 4yo division being ridden by Charlotte Dujardin Ph: R. Thunholm

SWEDEN (by Hillevi Brasch) The first week of October has for many years traditionally been the week of the SWB Young Horse Championships in dressage and jumping in Sweden. Flyinge, the former National Stud which dates back to the 1600s, is now the Swedish Equestrian Center, boasts an equine high school and college program, as well as being the venue for PS & Partners stallion program under the guidance of Helena Torstensson.

Located at the southern tip of Sweden, Flyinge was as al- ways serenely beautiful in fall colors, and surprisingly nice, sunny weather during the Breeders Trophy week.

The Swedish Warmblood As- sociation has undergone several changes over the past few years with a fitting major location move to the Flyinge grounds, and this year a new CEO, Helén Uddefors taking over from Karl-Henrik Heimdahl DVM, who successfully helmed SWB for the previous four years.

Like other breed associations globally, breeding numbers had been dropping in Sweden for several years. However, the past couple of seasons have seen a slight in- crease with new numbers just in that confirm 3,800+ mares bred this season – a 10% in- crease over 2015.

The Swedish Warmblood Association is an ‘open’ stud-book, which means they accept and use top stallions from other breed associations as well as their own. Sweden is a relatively large country area wise in relation to the population, so there is plenty of space to raise young horses; a model that seems appropriate to produce horses not only of international quality but also of soundness and longevity...