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The table below gives a breakdown of the principal articles in each issue of Breeding News. You can use the search box to find an article. For example to find the issue that features veterinary articles on EVA enter EVA in the search

 Month/year Issue # Cover story Interview/cover story 2 Bloodline/special feature Health and veterinary Stallion secrets Specials
Jan-97001KWPN stallion showWhere Hanover leadsDarco (BWP)EVA (Equine Viral arteritis)(omitted)
Feb-97002British xx influenceFernand Leredde (FRA)Expensive stallionsParalytic herpesvirus(omitted)
Mar-97003KWPN selectionFlemming Velin (DEN)Quidam de Revel (SF)(omitted)(omitted)
Apr-97004SWB selectionDetlef Saul (GER)Clover Hill (RID)CEM (Contagious equine metritis)(omitted)
May-97005Trakehner auction Pucci Rossi (ITA)Piradin (AA)Embryo transfer(omitted)
Jun-97006Kiwi's Brilliant InvaderMary McCann (IRL)Polydor (Westf)Treatment of subfertility in mares(omitted)
Jul-97007Poland's secret weaponSam Barr (GBR)Chagall 455 (SWB)Sexing the foetus in advance(omitted)
Aug-97008SWB breeders' trophyNadine MotmansEspri (Hann)ICSI Intercytoplasmic sperm injection(omitted)
Sep-97009WBCYH Verden successFrench Saddle HorseJasper (KWPN)Embryo splitting(omitted)
Oct-97010WBCYH LanakenGuillermo Zambrano (MEX)Rubinstein (Westf)(omitted)(omitted)
Nov-97011Belgian finalLinda Southern (CAN)(omitted)(omitted)(omitted)
Dec-97012WBFSH seminarJ-J F?_nfschilling (SUI)Swiss Warmblood(omitted)(omitted)Swiss centrefold
Jan-98013KWPN previewDirk & Sicca DijkstraVoltaire (Hann)OCD (Osteochondritis dessicans)(omitted)
Feb-98014Zwolle stallion showJorge Johannpeter (BRA)Top 50 stallions(omitted)(omitted)Stallion supplement
Mar-98015KWPN stallion showHeinz AckerCaletto II (Holst)Dystocia - difficulties during parturitionBurg's Mr. Blue (KWPN)
Apr-98016Herning stallion showLoftus O'Neill (IRL)Le T̫t de SemillySwedish studyCruising (ISH)
May-98017Bluepring of an eventerRobert & Maria Thompson (NZL)Robin I 723 Z (Hann)Normal foaling for mare ownersBon Ami (sBs)
Jun-98018Going, going, gone!F-W Isernhagen (auctioneer)(omitted)Baby 'boosters' foal innoculationsQuito de Baussy (SF)Auction centrefold
Jul-98019Drei W - Polish stud farmWiepke Van der Lageweg (NED)Grannus (Hann)A deadly cough - rhodococcus equi pneumoniaYarlands Summersong
Aug-98020Swedish breeders' trophyPilar Cepeda (MEX)May Sherif (DWB)Angular limb deformity in foals(omitted)
Sep-98021NRPN spreading its wingsEquine transportationNarcos II (SF)Acupuncture: let's get to the pointFeliciano 823 (SWB)
Oct-98022WBCYH LanakenWBFSH disagreementZeus/Nurzeus (SF)(omitted)(omitted)Monique's supplement
Nov-98023WBCYH Le Lion d'AngersThomas Hartwig (GER)Lucky Boy xx(omitted)(omitted)
Dec-98024Intl. Jumper FuturityTop 200 stallions/expertsWEG final four(omitted)(omitted)Top 200 stallion lists
Jan-99025KWPN show previewGraf zu Rantzau (GER)Landadel (Holst)(omitted)(omitted)Eqvalan/WBCSH flyer
 Month/year Issue # Cover story Interview/cover story 2 Bloodline/special feature Health and veterinary Stallion secrets Specials