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AES supports world-class cross studbook evaluation

AES Foal DBM Secre-C (Secret x Krack C) bred by Kristina Ffloyd-Walker receiving a Futurity Gold Premium in 2019

By Eva Maria Broomer / AES
Photography: Horse Creative

We are extremely proud to continue to lend our support to British Breeding’s popular world-leading evaluation series for foals and youngstock, the British Breeding Futurity. The popular and ground-breaking assessments are open to foals and youngstock from all sport horse and pony studbooks in Britain, and set to return to a full programme for 2022, with a wide range of venues available to all breeders.

Following the positive reception of the virtual series, a virtual option will remain part of the mix, which for 2022 includes eight physical venues across the country.
The AES have been supporting the Futurity since 2018 by providing the IT systems needed to process all entries, create and maintain a database of pedigrees, and above all to record and digitally store hundreds of detailed linear profiles produced by the evaluations. These are publicly available and designed to provide an excellent resource for all British breeders in future.

A valuable resource for all British breeders

Breeders wanting to find out more information about the qualities likely to be passed on by a stallion to his offspring can use the public database to access the marks and linear scores achieved by his foals and youngsters who have already completed their Futurity evaluation. In many cases, they will also be able to see photographs and watch videos of the assessments.
What makes the British Breeding Futurity so special is its level of ambition. It is a true 360-degree evaluation with every candidate inspected on hard ground by a highly experienced veterinarian, as well as on soft terrain by a team of internationally renowned evaluators and experienced linear scorers. All three gaits are shown and assessed, and older horses are also presented in loose jumping.
All evaluated entries receive a detailed linear score with limbs and correctness assessed on the hard and gait and topline assessed on the soft. There is a large emphasis also in supporting welfare and soundness by giving advice on management and nutrition with a qualified nutritionist from the series sponsor Baileys Horse Feeds present at all venues.
All UK WBFSH member studbooks are warmly invited to use the venues booked by British Breeding to hold their own mare gradings and foal inspections, giving breeders additional opportunities on the day... To read the complete article you need to be a subscriber