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A new breeding season begins in Sardinia

Old Chap Tame (2002/Oldbg Carthago - Jecoute x Quidam de Revel)

By Raffaele Cherchi
Photography: Courtesy Syndicat Linaro/Poney As

Sardinia is an island of horses and riders whose exploits date back to the XIVth century, and Romans too came to purchase horses for their armies during the Empire age. Horses and people share a deep and well-established relationship that continues today and is a fundamental part of Sardinian traditions and character, in which breeders play a vital role.

Over time there have been moments of ups and downs and despite the last two years of pandemic we now hope to see a resurgence and our expectations are for an exciting breeding season.
AGRIS, the Agricultural Research Agency of Sardinia, launched an event held last month at the ‘Su Padru’ stablies in Ozieri (a town in the north of Sardinia) in order to promote the equine industry and physically bring together its breeders. For the first time AGRIS proudly showed selected stallions for the 2022 reproductive season. On this occasion, AGRIS presented some of the best stallions who are already well-known for their offspring.

Nathan de La Tour X (2001/AA Fusain du Defey X - Suzy de La Tour X x Faritchou X)

In the large exercise arena of the Su Padru stable, the breeders were able to admire magnificent stallions of the various breeds, some of whom have already operated in Sardinia in recent years: Austin (Oldenburg), Babalou de Ligny (SCSL), Cloud Z (Holstein), O'pif d'Ivraie (AA), Top Secret d'Ossau (AA), and Vasnupied de Jonkiere (AA) for the sport lines. For the line destined for flat racing: Pantuosco (AA), Hasawood de Bordes (AA), Vintinoe (AA), Zaeem (Arabian), and Lahoob (Arabian).

Babalou de Ligny (2006/SCSL Baloubet du Rouet [SF] - Loro Piana Wanda [Hann] x Watzmann [Hann])

Four new stallions were also presented for the first time in Sardinia, representing the flat-racing line: Carghese des Landes (AA) and Anjaal xx (Thoroughbred). Additionally, for the sporting line, Nathan de la Tour (AA) and Old Chap Tame (Selle Français), are both tested stallions with amazing genetic inheritance, and also excellent performers in their own categories and disciplines.