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2023 Auction Roundup


With the 2023 seasonof auctions now at a close here are some important facts and figures:

Top sire of auction sales by value - Cornet Obolensky €6,976,610 from 144 sales. Of these there were 27 embryo sales valued at €48,449.

Second place went to Gino H with €5,204,500 but ths was from just 9 auction sales an average price of €78,278!

In addition to Cornet Obolensky there were 18 other stallions with in excess of €1 million in sales value.

The stallion with the most sales at auction was Chacco-Blue with 215 giving a sales total of €4,784,940. Of these 112 were sales of embryos.

The highest individual price of the year also went to Gino H, sire of Gin Flip de Muze who fetched a staggering €5,000,000.

The auction with the highest value of sales was the September auction of Equibreedings foals embryos and jumpers with a total value of €7,203,00 from 26 sales.

The auction with the greatest number of sales was the Westfalien week dressage sales with 98 horses, and a total of €1,258,500.

Please note that these figures are from the sales we were able to include in our lists. Many auctions do not nake their figures available.

The 2024 season of auctions has already begun with the 4th DSP youngster and broodmare auction and the Mechelin Christmas show auction.

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