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100th Elite Anniversary Auction, Ankum

Escala Gold OLD

The collection of the upcoming Elite Auction represents only the best from 100 years of breeding history. This is demonstrated by the auction candidates of the 100th Elite Anniversary Auction, who are waiting for your bid on Sunday, 1 October, in Ankum. Come and have a look!

On September 24 at 3 p.m. you will have the chance to see the dressage horses of the 100th Elite Auction live in Ankum. Alternatively, you can watch the presentation online at www.clipmyhorse.tv.

Top dressage mare decorated with the bronze medal at the Bundeschampionat: Escala Gold OLD by Belissimo M - Rohdiamant - Ex Libris. Highly placed in dressage tests for young horses. From the famous Edoste dam line like star sire Fürst Romancier.


Striking top athlete, qualified for the Bundeschampionat and successful in 1m30 courses: Aida by Aganix du Seigneur Z - Rival Z - Olisco. Upcoming athlete for immediate entry into competitions. Brother King Adelheid Z is 1.50 m successful/Britta Schnee. From the line 6225: Zacharov TN, Grey Top, Artos Z.


An overview of the entire collection can be found here: https://auktion.oldenburger-pferde.com/de/objekte/au-34/100_herbst_elite_auktion_2023?Lstatus=0

Auction day: Sunday, October 1 at 2 p.m.

Auction location: P.S.I. Sport & Auction Center, Tütinger Str. 28, 49577 Ankum, Germany

You still have the opportunity to observe and accompany your favorite in training as well as to try out the horse until September 30. Please contact our consulting and customer service team for this.

Consultation and customer service:

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Jumping horses:
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Benjamin Stratmann: +49(0)151-54408395 or stratmann.benjamin@oldenburger-pferde.com

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