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First-round viewing produces promising KWPN collection

Le Formidable: Four years after Le Formidable was announced champion in Den Bosch, \ his first crop produced nine sons for the second round viewing, making him the leading sire in the dressage breeding direction

By Jenneke Smit / KWPN
Photography: Dirk Caremans

For the first time in three years, the KWPN Stallion Show returns to the Brabanthallen in Den Bosch. After 10 days of first round viewings, 195 stallions were selected for the second round. The stallion selection committee is looking forward to the continuation of the stallion selection with confidence.

Being represented by nine and eight selected sons respectively, Le Formidable and Hardrock Z are the main suppliers in Den Bosch.
Once again, the KWPN Stallion Show will be held at the Brabanthallen in Den Bosch from February 1-4 with 108 jumper stallions, 84 dressage stallions and three Gelder stallions that have made the cut for the second round viewing. A total of 440 stallions were presented in the first round, 195 of which were given the green light.

Stay the course

Many breeding and sport enthusiasts closely monitored the first round viewing either in Ermelo or via the livestream. The first element on the hard surface, the presentation in the arena, and the results could all be watched via the livestream. KWPN.tv attracted many viewers from within the nation and abroad that tuned for this interesting and informative event.
Each day, the stallions were divided over a morning and afternoon group to ensure a smooth inspection process. The staff members were able to create a tranquil setting in the cage, warranting a pleasant work environment for the stallion selection committee. Out of 251 presented dressage stallions, a third may advance to the second round viewing, coming down to 84 selected stallions. “Right on day one we could select a good group of stallions that persuaded us in type, movement mechanism, and pedigree. We stayed the course during the following days, basing our selection on height and size, an upward tendency, elasticity, and limb technique in the movement,” chairman of the selection committee Bert Rutten stated after the first round viewing.
Together with Johan Hamminga and Wouter Plaizier, Rutten assumed responsibility for the inspection of the dressage stallions. They were assisted by aspirant member Sönke Rothenberger, as Olympic team medalist an expert on the demands and needs in top sport and someone who is furthermore deeply interested in breeding. “Young people being interested in breeding is always a good thing, and especially when they have performed at such a high level as Sönke. We noticed he is actively engaged and knows the dam lines very well. He has truly delved into it and has his own views, allowing sport and breeding to come together.”.. To read the complete article you need to be a subscriber


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