Another chapter in the WFFS saga has been written in the Netherlands since the 13-year-old KWPN stallion Apache (UB 40 - Tolanda elite pref x Krack C), bred by A. A. van der Koppel, and approved for Oldenburg, SWB, Westfalian and DWB, has now been reported as a carrier! Initially, the Van Haeringen Institute that tested all KWPN stallions at the studbook’s request, announced a ‘negative’ result for Apache. Then, at the beginning of July, a number of new-born Apache foals tested positive for the gene, although their dams were already known non-carriers. Naturally, an investigation followed. What has gone wrong? What is the truth? KWPN made the decision with owner Ad Valk to have the stallion re-tested, when the error was revealed. From all tested stallions, hair samples were used, with two KWPN stallions, including Apache, being given the wrong result. A further test using a blood sample was carried out which confirmed a positive result, followed by a second hair-sample, proving that Apache is, ideed, carrying the WFFS gene. The Van Haeringen Laboratory has taken responsibility for the mistake and has offered all breeders who have used Apache since the KWPN ‘negative’ result was first published, until July 24 when the test result was revoked, to have their new-born Apache foals in 2019 tested free of charge. Also, all other stallions from KWPN and other studbooks have been re-tested using blood samples. No further mistakes have been revealed. The Van Haeringen Laboratory stated that they rigoroously comply with all the safety procedures with regard to testing and control of the results. During the recent CHIO Aachen, Apache and Emmelie Scholtens scored the best result for the Dutch team and will, therefore, be short-listed for the dressage team for the 2018 WEG in Tryon.  Written by Claartje van Andel