As far as we know, the first studbook to have all stallions DNA tested for WFFS is the NRPS in the Netherlands. “There is enough talked and written about WFFS and the NRPS believes that action is needed and takes the first steps. […] The NRPS has, therefore, decided to have all stallions (horses and ponies) approved by the NRPS tested. The stallion owners have already been informed of this. For most of these stallions, according to Van Haeringen Laboratory, sufficient material is already available to perform the tests. At this moment, all material is being collected from the archives, after which it will be tested.”

The NRPS has confirmed that once they’ve been notified by the laboratory (in around 14 days), which stallions have tested negative and which have tested positive, the results will first be discussed personally with the stallion owners. Those whose stallions have tested positive will then be in a position to determine what measures they will take. According to NRPS Chairman Ronald Funke Küpper, “We assume that it is only a few isolated cases, but if we do not take action now, we will never find out, and the disorder will have the opportunity to spread further.” It is also the NRPS’s intention to give mare owners the opportunity to have their mare or foal tested soon.