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Vagabond de la Pomme

According to Haras de Clarbec owner Geneviève Mégret, "We bought Vagabond de la Pomme (2005: Vigo d'Arsouilles - Sauterelle de la Pomme x For Pleasure) from his breeder Geert Baertson when he was seven, and his semen has always been in great demand since then, especially after his success in Las Vegas World Cup Final (2015) where he was placed second with Pénélope Leprévost". When Vagabond returned from the United States, Mégret wondered, once again, how to plan his career. Breeding or jumping? "We needed to choose. The right choice at the right moment. We felt that his poularity [as a stallion] would increase significantly. So we agreed with Penelope to concentrate more on breeding than on sport and we've achieved an important stock of frozen semen. We're still working with it and there will be no additionnal frozen semen collected in 2016". As the breeding season is just starting the demand remains strong in France, where Vagabond covered more than 300 mares last year. Great success also in Nederlands and in Belgium. In Germany Vagabond de la Pomme covered approximatly 100 mares in 2015. He has been approved recently in Holstein where his first generation is expected, and in Oldenbourg. "Our agent there has said that he’s very  enthusiastic for the start of the breeding season". Haras de Clarbec thinks that the big stock of frozen semence will have strongly decreased in spring.  "..but that should be enough". The price of fame ! Eric Fournier

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