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Tragic truck fire claims horse’s life

Sara Algotsson Ostholt, seen here riding Mrs. Medicott
Sara Algotsson Ostholt, seen here riding Mrs. Medicott

On her way home with her son Eric and groom Roberto from the three-day eventing competition in Sopot, Poland, the truck being driven by Swedish international Sara Algotsson-Ostholt, which was carrying two horses, suddenly caught fire. Sara told the Swedish equestrian news site Hippson in a text message; "We had made a stop to get gas and continued our journey, when 15 minutes later I noticed thick smoke coming out of the back of the vehicle. I immediately pulled over and Roberto ran to the back where flames and smoke tore out when the door was opened. He managed to reach the horse standing closest to the door, she broke free out of her halter and ran out in to the road. By then horse number two was already engulfed in flames. There was nothing we could do; we unfortunately lost the other horse. The surviving horse was seriously injured and brought to the equine hospital thanks to our fantastic friends and colleagues. Roberto was also seen at the hospital and will be fine. I am so grateful Eric, Roberto and I came out of it alive, but so sad about the tragedy of losing our horses, a great loss emotionally and financially." The horse that died was an approved grandson of Chacco-Blue, Chacco's Crack (2012: Chacco's Son - Nola Directa xx x Lando xx), who was travelling with Algotsson's nine-year-old Westfalian mare Arpertina (Arpeggio - Pertina x Potsdam NRW).

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