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SF ‘Eventing Days’ – November 10-11 in Saumur, France


The 'Eventing Days' is a major gathering organized each year by France Complet, which will take place at the National School of Riding (ENE) in Saumur. For this 10th edition the theme will be 'Retrospectives and Innovations' and will be hosted in partnership with the Selle Français Studbook. The weekend will offer the opportunity to connect breeders, riders and owners – professionals and amateurs alike – in what could be described as 'horse dating'. Anyone who has a horse to consign or sell can go to ENE on Sunday, November 11 from 9:30 to 10:30 a.m., where face-to-face interviews will be organized so participants can exchange information. Owners/breeders should arrive with a prepared presentation of their horse (or horses), by bringing photos, videos and a complete dossier of characteristics for potential buyers. 'France Complet' will also post online ads for anyone unable to attend. Note: this 'horse dating' service is reserved for people who have registered for 'Eventing Days'.

Other interesting topics will include 'Modernizing marketing for sport horses' presented by Equ'Hip lawyer Holly Jessopp (who will be on hand to discuss legal issues), alongside Bérengère Lacroix from Selle Français. the latter will also present 'The Future of Eventing, perspectives of a new breeding circuit', while a group of experts will present 'The horse in society: Let's go eventing!' and 'Hopes for the future of working with horses'.