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Selle Français moves to the top WBFSH leaderboard

Piaf de B’Neville ridden by Nicolas Astier (FRA)

The Selle Français studbook has taken over the top of the WBFSH leaderboard in eventing – unsaddling the mighty Irish Sport Horse that has dominated this ranking for the past decade. Their rise has been thanks to exceptional results from six Selle Français eventing horses: Lully des Aulnes (Doris des Halles - Shadika x Ightshade) bred by Andrée Pienne; Opium de Verrières (Ultra de Rouhet - Rosière II x Fragile), bred by Dominique Bernard; Piaf de B’Neville (Cap de B’Neville - Hornelie II x Rêve d’Elle), bred by Jean-Baptiste Thiebot; Qalao des Mers (Iolisco de Quinhon - Ucaria de Crestian x Kachou), bred by Isabelle Debruyne; Qorry Blue d’Argouges (Mr. Blue - Hardie du Bourg x Count Ivor xx), bred by Jean-Luc Dufour; and Samouraî du Thot (Milor Landais x Melitos du Thot x Flipper d’Elle), bred by Jean-François Noêl.

Lully des Aulnes, Piaf de B’Neville and Qorry Blue d’Argouges will be competing in the up-coming Rio 2016 Olympic Games representing, respectively, Belgium (Joris Vanspringel), France (Nicolas Astier), and Canada (Colleen Loach), while Samouraï has been selected as the travelling reserve for Germany (Julia Krajewski).
Naturally, the Rio 2016 results will factor heavily into the WBFSH year-end studbook rankings in all the Olympic disciplines.’
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