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Saint-Lô stallion show


The 11th edition of the Saint-Lô met stallion show met with great success having gathered together over 90 stallions approved by Selle Français, and with foreign breeders attending  from all over Europe, especially Belgium and the Netherlands. Great international winners were well received and greatly applaused during the week-end: Names such as Diamant de Semilly (Le Tot de Semilly - Venise des Cresles x Elf III) leading sire in the WBFSH, international jumpers Quartz Rouge (Ultimo van ter Moude - Emeraude Rouge x Qredo de Paulstra), Qlassic Bois Margot (L’Arc de Triomphe - Decibelle du Roc x Galoubet A) or Vagabond de la Pomme (Vigo d’Arsouilles - Sauterelle de la Pomme x For Pleasure). These stallions were bred, respectively, by: Jules Mesnildrey; Haras des Rouges; Laetitia and Rodolphe Bonnet; and Geert Baertsoen. The Selle Français studbook strongly promoted their French genetic assets, encouraging breeders to use younger stallions at the age of four and five years. Among the new stallions appearing at this show were the KWPN Vleut/aka Guccio (2002: Quick Star - Nicce x Cantus), bred by Ongering and Wolters, Vaillant de Grisy (2009: Utah Van Eperkorm - Elize du Plessis x Gayssire Fleury/aka Noren) bred by Marcel Lopez, the Anglo-Arabian Vasnupied de Jonkiere (2009:Laurier de Here - Maeva du Levezou x Defi d’Arment) bred by EARL Angles et Filles, and Velsen Chuquerie (2009: Quick Star - Famara [Holst] x Cor de la Bryère) bred by Gaelle and Stephane Soulat. 

On Saturday evening, 24 stallions competed in 'The Grand Match', an interesting jumping show organised on a Nations' Cup basis. Eight teams, each including one five-year-old stallion and two confirmed jumpers, competed for victory. Only two teams qualified for the jump-off: team Complet de France and team Groupe France Elevage (GFE), with victory going to the former, thanks to an amazing jump-off clear round from the eventing world championship runners up in Le Lion d’Angers 2015: Thomas Carlile and the grey Anglo Arab Upsilon JO/JEM (2008: Canturo - O’Vive x Fusain du Defey), bred by Patrick Sisqueille. Also competing in the winning team were Alexis Borrin and Andain du Thalie (2010: Calvaro [Holst] - Polestar Mail x Quick Star) and Karim Laghouag with the Hanoverian Entebbe de Hus JO/JEM (2005: Embassy - Cita x Carbid).  Eric Fournier


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