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Qredo de Paulstra dies at 43 years old

Qredo de Paulstra dies at 34 Photo Eric Fournier
Qredo de Paulstra dies at the age of 34. Qredo is probably the very last glorious stallion from the former National Stud Farm (Haras Nationaux) in France. He was born to well-known breeders Claude and Robert Gaudichau Paulsen in Douy 34 years ago and arrived in Saint-Lô when he was four. At that time his pedigree (Galoubet A - Celia de Paulstra x Furioso) was considered with greatest interest, as Galoubet was among best performers at international level with french rider Gilles de Balanda, and Furioso was already a breeding reference. Qredo achieved a good career at French Grand Prix level with course designer Jean Paul Lepetit.
Qredo de Paulstra has 1,237 Selle Français descendants, some of whom have shown excellent abilities in jumping (Hym dIsigny/Eric Navel, Carat II/Jean Marc Nicolas, Experio/ Eric Levallois...) as well as in dressage and eventing, such as Idalgo du Donjon with William Fox-Pitt. Numerous young horses aged four, five and six have appeared in the French national age-group finals in Fontainebleau as he transmitted his pleasant shape, blood, and energy for jumping. Currently, the Selle Français VDL Groep Sabech d'Ha is jumping at five-star level, and won the Grand Prix in La Coruña last December with Lisa Nooren. Text/Photo: Eric Fournier
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