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NRPS gets early WFFS results

Just last week, the Board of the NRPS commissioned Haeringen laboratory to test all NRPS approved stallions for WFFS and, because of their prompt action, the first results have already arrived at their office. In a statement, Chairman Funke Küpper said: “It is only a handful of results, but it’s a start and, so far, they have all been negative. From Monday on we expect to receive a few results every day.
According to an article on WFFS written by Prof.Dr. Marianne Sloet and Dr.Ir. Bart Ducro, a sample of 500 horses in the German Warmblood population found a carrier frequency of over 9 percent. As no research has yet been done in the Netherlands and the NRPS is the first studbook to test on a large scale, Marianne Sloet praised their initiative. NRPS has since said that they will share the results with the two vets, who are experts in this field.
NRPS has confirmed that as soon as individual results are known, they will first communicate with the recorded owner of a stallion and will publish all the results on their website as soon as possible.