Nikyta d’Elle (Richebourg - Girouette d’Elle x Papillon Rouge)

The brilliant 15-year-old mare Nikyta d’Elle (Richebourg - Girouette d’Elle x Papillon Rouge) has been retired from sport and will now enjoy a healthy retirement as a broodmare at Haras d'Elle. Nikyta's career debuted under the saddle of Hubert Pignolet who rode her up to Grand Prix before her reins were handed over to French international Roger Yves Bost. Among her results, which came from every corner of the globe, she was a formidable Derby competitor, finishing second in La Baule in 2014. Motherhood for Nikyta is not new, however, as she already has an approved son, Valeur d’Elle (Nippon d’Elle), as well as a daughter Etoile d’Elle (Quaprice Bois Margot), who is following in her mother’s same footsteps competing with Piglet. - Stud for Life


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