Results and the latest stallion rankings from the following auctions are now available to subscribers:

Sale/auction event
2019-06-19- Eite online auction - Ekestrian (FR)
2019-06-22- DSP foals auction Shooting stars Viernheim (GER)
2019-06-22- Flanders Foals auction Bonheiden (BEL)
2019-06-15 - Westfalen Summer Auction Munster Handorf (GER)
2019-06-15-Holsteiner Foals auction Elmshorn (GER)
2019-06-15-Oldenbourg 1st Special open air edition auction Vechta (GER)
2019-06-11-Zangersheide frozen embryos auction Lanaken (Bel)
2019-06-11- PS Online foals auction Ankum (GER)