On January 9, 20 stallions were presented to the Holsteiner approvals committee in Elmshorn, of whom siix were approved and two other stallions were accepted to be used per breeding request. Dr. Nissen said: “After the approvals we are able to offer the breeder a wider range of choices in stallions with foreign blood.” Quickly de Kreisker (Diamant de Semilly - Briseis d’Helby x Laudanum xx, bred by Guillaume Ansquer) had his first stallion approved in Germany: Quickthago (out of Winning Girl 1 by Numero Uno, stamm 162, bred by Uwe Nilsson) and the dam of the mother A-Cover Girl (Capitol I - Perra x Calando I, bred by Erhard Krampitz) is the full sister of Carthago who jumped at the Atlanta 1996 and Sydney 2000. Coryaro (Cornet Obolensky - Dayara BP x Quidam de Revel, Stamm 162, bred by Hans Jürgen Pöhls) is the second stallion approved out of  stamm 162. The great-grandmother Tulika (Carthago) is the dam of theZangersheide-approved stallion Clarissimo (Clarimo) who is jumping at 1m40 under the saddle of Mike van Olst. By Adriana van Tilburg

Cooper DE 421000174912, geb. 12.04.2012, stamm 1298

Clarimo - Love Touch x Alcatraz, bred by Manfred von Allwörden

Uston DE 421000012414, geb. 15.05.2014, stamm 2137

Uriko - Comtess BP x Clarimo, bred by Otto Boje Schoof

Coryaro DE 421000016415, geb. 05.06.2015, stamm. 162

Cornet Obolensky - Dayara BP x Quidam de Revel, bred by Hans Jürgen Pöhls

Dasio DE 421000196915, geb. 21.05.2015, stamm. 1571

Darco de Revel - Doness x Cassin, bred by Sven Völz

Dante DE 421000034615, geb. 04.05.2015, stamm. 730B

Darco de Revel - S-Valona SP x Casco , bred by Sven Völz

Quickthago DE 441411445615, geb. 09.05.2015, stamm. 162

Quickly de Kreisker - Winning Girl 1 x Numero Uno, bred by B.J.M. Wezenberg

Two stallions per breeding request:

Ulando (Meckl.) DE 427270301213, geb. 14.05.2013, stamm 18B1

Un Avenir des Peux (SF) - F-Viva H x Calando I, bred by Kai Gerken

First Kiss (DSP) DE 455670029015, geb. 02.05.2015

Fürstenball - Pearl GE x Sandro Hit, bred by Steffen Jahn