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Holsteiner Stallion approvals concluded Nov 6

Photo: Janne Bugtrup (Unlimited (Uriko - Utopia V x Casall), his handler Uwe Benzin, his breeder Klaus Thiedemann Jnr., the long-time stallion station manager Gerard Muffels, breeder Klaus Thiedemann Snr., and an emotional Norbert Boley, head of the Holsteiner Verband

In total there were 23 stallions approved and from them became six premium: The very impressive Carcassonne (Chachassini – A-Cosmopolita x Coriano, Stamm 4761, bred by Rita Kuenzli) was the favorite of many. He had a lot of scope and had power in his body. Cesul (Casall Ask – Alabama x Calato, Stamm 5401, bred by Johannes Baumann) also showed scope over the jumps. Further premium stallions were: Clarksville (Cascadello I – Zauberstern x Canto, Stamm 318D2, Norbert Frings), Clynelish (Castelan I – Curly Sue x Casall, Stamm 2666, bred by Gerd Ohlsen), Christer (Connor – Bona x Singulord Joter, Stamm 104A, bred by Carmen Eissfeldt) became reserve champion. Unlimited (Uriko – Utopia V x Casall, Stamm 2543, bred by Klaus Thiedemann) became the champion, on Friday after he finished his free jumping the audience cheered for him like I haven’t heard in year!

Casall Ask (Caretino – Kira XVII x Lavall I, Stamm 890, bred by Wilfried Thomann) made this weekend complete by not only putting his mark on the Holsteiner stallion approvals but by also being able to win the Longines Global Champion Tour Championship and to win the LGCT of Doha!! Only one of the six premium stallions is without Casall Ask blood! Adriana van Tilburg