In a recent press release, the IFCE (Institut Français du Cheval et de l’Equitation) has announced new harmonization regulations for the organizers of horse events.

Due to frequent movement, equines are a livestock population that is especially at risk from a health point of view. Therefore, they are already subject to health security during events. However, technical rules have now been published by the General Directorate of Food (DGAL) of the Ministry of Agriculture with a view to harmonizing these rules across all French departments. These instructions are the result of a collaboration between the administrative (Ifce, DGAL, DD (CS) PP), representatives of professionals within the equine sector (FFE, France Galop, Le Trot, SHF, SFET) (AVEF) and the RESPE.

For organizers these regulations require, in particular:

  • an obligation to declare events with the SD (CS) PP, the appointment of a veterinary surgeon for health monitorint, and the provision of rules for the participants
  • an obligation to vaccinate against equine influenza for participating horses
  • maintaining a register of equines and the establishment of admission controls during the event. Checks can be carried out by the organizer or by the veterinary surgeon (compulsory in the case of sales of equidae), which will require the creation of a monitoring report.

For events that come under the auspices of the FFE, FEI and parent organizations (SFET, SHF, France Galop and Le Trot), that have published calendars and official regulations, some of these steps are already in place.

Further information and a copy of the regulations are available on the IFCE website by accessing: Sire et démarches "Organiser un rassemblement d'équidés".