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Four-year-old series for German Sport Horses (DSP)


The 2019 series for four-year-old German Sport Horses has just been announced, with Stud Spitzenhof – owned by the Isaak family in Schöntal – as the new main sponsor. Started in 2009 by breeding director Gert Gussmann, this series plays an important role in identifying the future stars from the breeding association in southern Germany. In 2019, the Albführen estate, the Marbach state stud, the FBW, the Grenzland and Dobel stud farms, and veterinary Dr. Peter Pongs are also sponsors and donors. Association chairman Karl-Heinz Eckerlin said, "We are very happy that we have succeeded in inspiring the Isaak family to support this special junior tour."


May 13 – Hofgut Albführen (also sponsoring the event)

July 6/7 – Tübingen (sponsored by State Stud Marbach)

July 25-28 – Nördlingen (sponsored by FBW)

July 27-28 – Leutkirch-Haid (sponsored by Gestüt Grenzland)

August 10/11 – Oberderdingen (sponsored by Gestüt Dobel)

August 17/19 – Killingen bei Ellwangen (sponsored by Dr. Peter Pongs)

Finale: October 5/6 – Bisingen/Hohenzollern (sponsored by Gestüt Spitzenhof)



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