Epsilon des Aubiers (Ph: Solène Bailly)
Typically reserved for the elite 6yo and 7yo eventing horses, this year’s WBCYH at Le Lion d’Angers also saw the first edition of a joint collaboration between Selle Français and Anglo Arab to stage the 3yo CCE championship. Following Saturday evening’s final stage, the sensational winner is the grey Selle Français gelding Epsilon des Aubiers (Upsilon AA - Alizée des Aubiers x Corofino [Holst]), bred and owned by Michel Bouju. Epsilon did not, however, dominate the four stages of this championship. The ridden-under-saddle stage was shared by Epsilon and Etoile de Beliard SF (16.25 points apiece); the best mark for paces went to Ego des Cabanes SF (17.25); type/model went to Ellio de Mara SF (16.3); with Epsilon eclipsing the field in free jumping (17.0).
The overall runner-up was Emory Mail )Quercus de Maury AA - Matahari Mail x Carthago [Holst]) bred and owned by Bernard Le Courtois and ridden under saddle by long-time French international eventing team member Nicolas Touzaint, ahead of Enpleincoeur Tardone (Lando - Soade Tardonne x Contender) bred by Gilbert Galliot.
Etoile de Beliard – SF mare (Upsilon AA - Palme de Moyon x Barbarian) bred by SCEA de Beliard – 8th overall
Ego des Cabanes – SF stallion (Quel Homme de Hus [Holst] - Koriano des Fontaines x Jalienny AA) bred by Jean-François Coursaud – equal 5th overall
Ellio de Mara – SF stallion (Consul de Vie Z - Upie de Mara x Ideal de la Loge) bred by Jacques Gabriel Petit – equal 5th overall.