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Emotional message from Gregory Wathelet


International showjumper Gregory Wathelet shared an emotional tribute to his partner Forlap (Querlybet Heo - Uaya DC x Heartbreaker) on his website after the 13-year-old gelding passed away, saying: “You came into my life as a seven-year-old and, despite your temperament and character, you were very special for me. It was thanks to your attitude that we achieved such early sporting results, starting with your victory as the Belgian champion at the age of seven. One year later you gave me the Belgian seniors championship at the age of eight, as well as winning a five-star Grand Prix. You became a new future star early in your ninth year with two double-clear rounds in Nations’ Cup outings. […] I thought we would have a long life together, but fate intervened to bring a premature end to everything.”

After suffering a fracture, Wathelet’s whole team has worked towards Forlap enjoying an early retirement, but complications over the past couple of weeks determined that it was a fight he couldn’t win. “We had to make the decision to let you go and abbreviate your suffering in a fight that was lost in advance. Maybe it just had to end like this. Today I am suffering from your loss and have yet to realize that you will not be here any more. I feel like I have lost my best friend, or even a member of my family! You will always be there somewhere in my heart and in my thoughts.” Wathelet concluded by wishing Forlap good luck n his next life. “Thank you for all that you gave me. Forlap, I love you a lot… I miss you so much already.”