Olympic Games 2008, Hong Kong (Beijing Games) August 2008, Marco Kutscher (GER) horse Cornet Obolensky rears at the double combination, team jumping final

Within hours of uploading the December issue of BN, our article entitled Changing stallion behaviour may come at risk! has prompted many to voice their personal concerns with regard to 'chemical castration'. As it's a topic that is begging for debate among breeders on a wider scale, we have decided to 'open' it for everyone to read, digest, and also to comment. We will be publishing a follow-up in our January issue, including responses from other key stakeholders within the horse breeding community, as well as equestrian sport in general. (Please note, that it is purely incidental that the article uses a photo illustrating an instance of bad stallion behaviour from Cornet Obolensky.)