Bel Reinhart Z (Berlin/exCaspar -Wiscaja x Wogenbrecher)

Jointly bred by Hubert Bourdy (†) and Beligneux Le Haras, the 11-year-old stallion Bel Reinhart Z (Berlin/exCaspar -Wiscaja x Wogenbrecher) has had to be euthanized. Since 2008, the grey stallion has been been based at François Levi’s Haras de Vulsain in Semur en Auxois. However, last Sunday, at the last fence in a jump-off with Benoit Cernin during the CSI Macon, a moment’s hesitation resulted in a tragic fall when Bel Reinhart landed very heavily  on his back and neck, suffering serious vertebral fractures. The stallion was unable to get up, and taking the advice of veterinarians, the owner decided to end his suffering. In a subsequent communication, the Haras de Vulsain said they would always remember a beautiful, strong horse, who was spirited, sensitive and generous.